THOMSON - Aero Dropbar

Von Thomson

SFr. 119.00

Our aluminum drop bars bring the performance, and dependability you have come to expect from Thomson. The lineup is available in 3 profiles, and varying widths.  Each made from 7000 series aluminum.  Borrowing from the proven carbon profiles, the alloy drop bars are available with a mild flat, a round profile, or new to Thomson, the Flared Drop bar.

Our road bar wing section is small enough not to restrict hand movements when riding on the top, and allows bar angle adjustment without “locking out” your wrists. Shaping on the bottom side of the wing allows housing to be taped out of the way.   The Dirt Drop shares a similar top to the round road bar, measuring 31.8 as wide as possible.  Each profile has exceeded the ISO 4210-2:2015 requirement.

The mild flat profile (HB-E119 – HB-E122) is available in 40cm, 42cm, and 44cm,  Drop 148mm, Reach 89mm

The round profile (HB-E123 – HB-E126) is available in 38mm, 40cm, 42cm, and 44cm, Drop 147mm, Reach 72mm

The Dirt drop (HB-E130, HB-E131) is available in 44cm, and 46cm, with 25° flare, Drop 130mm, Reach 90mm ready for your next adventure, regardless of the road you choose.

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