Velo Orange - Milan

Von Velo Orange

SFr. 49.00
We call this the Milan bar because it's a great bar for converting an old Italian racing frame with a short top tube. Actually, it's great for converting any frame with a short top tube into a city bike. Folks who like a more aggressive position on a city bike will like it, too.

The width is about 57cm and reach is 11cm; there is around 25mm (one inch) of rise. The grips sweep back about 35 degrees, and the grip area is about 17cm long. The bulge is 25.4mm. The material is polished aluminum alloy.

Milan bars work with regular MTB (22.2mm) grips, brakes, shifters, 22.2 inverse brake levers, etc., but not bar-ends.

- Material: Aluminiumlegierung
- Vorbau Klemmdurchmesser: 25,4 mm
- Bremshebel Durchmesser: 22,2 mm
- Breite: 57 cm
- Aufstieg / Drop: 25
- Backsweep: 35 Grad
- Griffbereich Länge: 17cm
- Farbe: Silber Poliert
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